Energy Leadership Training Videos and Bonus Resources

Energy Leadership offers an innovative paradigm to help leaders from all walks of life learn how to develop their skills, sophistication, and versatility. It shows people how to become aware of how powerful they are and can be in the workplace, at home, and in the world at large. Energy Leadership shows readers that the way to become a powerful leader is to understand the power of energy.

This is not your everyday leadership book; it’s a book about everyday leaders. Energy Leadership is focused on developing the leader within you, no matter who you are or what you do. Leaders are everywhere — from our boardrooms to our classrooms to our family rooms.

Everyone is a leader, as we each try to motivate and inspire others, as well as ourselves, to take action. The question isn’t whether or not we are leaders, it’s how well we lead. These videos and resources will help you on this journey.

Training Video #1 – Walking the Talk

This video will help you learn how to live the empowerment principles taught in Energy Leadership and raise your energy accordingly. The five empowerment principles presented in Energy Leadership are:

  • Life offers neither problems nor challenges, only opportunities.

  • The answers to all questions lie within. Every one of us is greater and wiser than we appear to be.

  • Each moment describes who you are and gives you the opportunity to decide if that’s who you want to be.

  • The greatest freedom is freedom of choice.

  • Practice detached involvement.

Training Video #2 – The DBA System of Attraction

You may have heard it said that we create our own reality.  It’s the concept of like attracting like, what some people call the Law of Attraction.  In other words, based on your current energy level, you attract whatever matches that level, no matter whether you want to.  “Like” energy is familiar, so it’s comfortable.  But that doesn’t mean people always want what they attract.

Training Video #3 – A View of Victims

Do you have any victim consciousness?  You may be surprised at the true answer.  Watch this video to learn how to better understand what victim energy truly is and where it may be appearing in your life or work… and what you can do to break through any limitations.

Training Video #4 – Mind Matters

Your world is actually a creation of your consciousness.  Your current state of consciousness is composed of your existing energetic makeup, which encompasses every thought, feeling and emotion you’ve had today, as well as your recent actions.  In fact, it includes every thought, feeling and emotion you’ve ever experienced, and every action you’ve taken in your life.  These experiences are etched in you like data is etched into a computer chip.  Watch this video to learn more about the impact of these experiences on your mindset and how to learn to “re-program” yourself for success.

Training Video #5 – In This Moment

What would be like if, at the same time, you could be an observer of and a participant in your life?  What would it be like to be able to create your life each moment? Learn the answers to both of these questions in this video…

Training Video #6 – Core Skills

Core Energy Coaching, a process that includes several tools for effective leadership, includes validation — one of the tools that is a technique to help someone release anxiety and truly feel heard.  The main purpose of validation is to normalize emotional responses — meaning to let the other person know he or she has the right to feel whatever emotions are present for them.  Watch this video to learn more about this powerful and very under-utilized technique.

Training Video #7 – How Engaged Are You?

How engaged are you at work and at home?  Your level of Energetic Engagement is in direct proportion to your results and satisfaction.  For each relationship, role or task, your level of engagement varies.  Watch this video to learn how to measure one of the most important indicators of your success.

Range of Engagement Chart – Click Here

Training Video #8 – Anabolic vs. Catabolic Leaders

There are two types of leaders: anabolic and catabolic.  Employees are positive and productive when they feel confident about their leader.  They want to believe that their leader is strong, resilient, insightful, and able to take care of both the company and their personal needs.  The type of leader you are will be reflected in what you see in your employees.  Watch this video to learn which type of leader you may be.

Note: This is not just about leading employees.  This is just as true for parents, spouses, teachers, and all individuals that oversee, guide and lead others.

Training Video #9 – Success Tuning

Each person has his or her own “success frequency.”  A powerful technique called the “Success Tuning Technique” can help you create a mindset that is ready for a peak performance experience.  Use it before presentations, athletic events, or any time that you’d like to be on top of your game.

Training Video #10 – Playing the Level Field

Once you are familiar with the various levels of energy, you can choose the most appropriate level to use in any given situation.  Being able to use the advantages of each level is an important concept and provides you with a tremendous ability to play every game to the fullest, have fun at every moment, and enjoy this journey that we’re all on.